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Empowering Rural Communities through Holistic Services

The Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation (VDMF) offers a wide range of services to rural communities in Maharashtra, Bordering Karnataka, Telangana, India. These services are designed to improve the health, education, and economic well-being of these communities, and to promote sustainable development in the region.

Registered on 3/9/1992
Registered under Bombay Public charitable trust act 1950. Registration No. E – 134 LATUR, Maharashtra.
Late Dr Venkatrao Dawle medical
Approved & registered to receive CSR funds by Government of India.


The Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation (VDMF) is dedicated to improving health and wellness in rural areas....
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The Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation (VDMF) is committed to promoting education and research in rural areas, with a focus on information technology.
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Women Welfare

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Science & Technology

The Science & Technology division of Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation (VDMF) aims to promote the
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Research and Devlopment

VDMF believes that research and development are critical to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges, and is committed to contributing towards this goal through its…
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Raising awareness and providing technical support for water management, including watershed development.
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Sports And Cultural Activities

The Sports Development Unit seeks to work in partnership with all individuals/agencies who have an interest in sport and young people.
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Rural Development

To promote temporary Health Camps like Dental camps, Eye camps, AIDS camps, Mobile Surgical camps or such similar things aimed at betterment of Health, Diagnosis,…
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The primary aim of this project is to dissuade the farmers from using harmful chemical pesticides, which over the years have destroyed the environment and…
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At Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation, we believe that access to quality healthcare is a basic human right and strive to provide compassionate and affordable healthcare services to those in need.

Bungalow Number 6 Sai Vihar New Khadgoan Road Opp Khaja Nager Latur, Maharashtra (India)