Rural Development

Empowering Everyone

To establish, provide, construct good living conditions to the villagers by building infrastructure projects like building of Roads, Sanitation facilities, Drinking water facilities, old age homes, Solar Systems, Libraries, Internet centers to villages in order to improve the living conditions of the Rural Population.

To organise, construct, develop adult education centers, mahila education centers, children education centers with emphasis on educating Rural folk by adopting villages for the purpose either through “Akshara Jyothi” or such other schemes as may be deemed expedient.

To organise, construct, and develop Health centers i.e. public Health centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation centers by adopting Villages for the purpose and work in conjunction with any other institution with similar objective.

To promote temporary Health Camps like Dental camps, Eye camps, AIDS camps, Mobile Surgical camps or such similar things aimed at betterment of Health, Diagnosis, prevention of diseases of the rural folk in the villages.

To bring awareness of family welfare schemes, children health schemes to the Rural folk by imparting Education and knowledge to the concerned.

To encourage rural sports in the villages and for the purpose to establish sport centers, play grounds, zyms and the like in Villages.

To conduct Literary, Cultural, Educational programmed through Audio, Video, dramas and such other means to the village folk.

To do all such lawful things incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects and generally do or perform all such acts, deeds and things which are of general public utility not involving any activity of profits.
Employment generation for rural population through agriculture development.


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Registered on 3/9/1992
Under Bombay Charity Act 1950. Registration No. E – 134 LATUR, Maharashtra.
Late Dr Venkatrao Dawle medical
Approved & registered to receive CSR funds by Government of India.

At Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation, we believe that access to quality healthcare is a basic human right and strive to provide compassionate and affordable healthcare services to those in need.

Bungalow Number 6 Sai Vihar New Khadgoan Road Opp Khaja Nager Latur, Maharashtra (India)