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Our medical camp and cancer awareness program aimed to provide essential health services to Anganwadi workers and educate them about cancer prevention and early detection. We believe that early detection is key to fighting cancer, and we wanted to spread awareness about the importance of regular check-ups and self-examination.

The event featured several medical professionals who provided free health check-ups, including blood pressure and sugar level tests. We also had a team of doctors who conducted cancer screening tests and provided counseling to participants. The participants were delighted to receive these services and appreciated our efforts to promote good health and cancer awareness.

At our event, we emphasized the significance of educating and empowering Anganwadi workers, who play a critical role in the health and development of children in rural areas. We also highlighted the importance of preventive healthcare in rural communities, where access to healthcare facilities can be limited.

Overall, the medical camp with cancer awareness program was a huge success, and we are grateful to all the participants, volunteers, and partners who made it possible. We look forward to organizing similar events in the future and continuing our efforts to promote health and well-being in rural communities.

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At Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation, we believe that access to quality healthcare is a basic human right and strive to provide compassionate and affordable healthcare services to those in need.

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