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The Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation (VDMF) is dedicated to improving health and wellness in rural areas. Our initiatives and objectives include:

Providing access to quality healthcare services, including medical facilities and specialists.
Conducting health awareness programs to promote healthy lifestyle practices and prevent diseases.
Providing medical and financial assistance to individuals in need, particularly in cases of critical illnesses or emergencies.
Supporting medical research activities that help to advance knowledge and innovation in healthcare.

Through these initiatives, we aim to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities in rural areas, and promote sustainable development through better health outcomes.

Present Status Proposed Project Telemedicine

Cancer hospital for treatment of cancer patients:

Cancer is a dreaded problem all over India. Late Dr. Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation had established a cancer center at AMBAJOGAI as a joint venture with Government of Maharashtra, where patients are treated by Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy & Brachytherapy treatment. Surgical oncology section is also fully operational with well-equipped operation theater.

The equipment's in Cancer hospital area:

ALCYON II Cobalt Machine for External Radiotherapy."

Cesium – 137 manual after loading Branch therapy. 

20 Beds cancer palliative care center

Considering the great need for comprehensive palliative care treatment facility to the cancer patients. Late Dr. Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation has started a 20-bed cancer palliative care center. This type of cancer palliative care center is first of its kind outside Mumbai & Pune.

3.25 Acres of land for the proposed institute of medical sciences

We have already acquired a land/plot admeasuring 3.25 acres for construction of 250 Beds Super Speciality Hospital.

The Geographical situation of Ambejogai makes it ideal place as Ambejogai is situated within a 100 km. distance from all the district head quarters of Marathwada and the adjoining Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka State.

For this reason the Medical Foundation has proposed to establish a 250 bedded Institute of Medical Sciences at Ambejogai, where all the specialty & super specialty medical treatment facility which includes Cardiology, Cardio Vascular Surgery, Neurology, NeuroSurgery, Nephrology, Urology, Burn & Plastic surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Medicine, Obstrecics & Gynecology, ENT, Dental, Skin and VD, Intensive Care unit, will be available along with trained & qualified Doctors.

A well-equipped Diagnostic Center with CT, MRI, cath lab, nephrology facility Nuclear Medicine facility, will be made available in the institute with trained and qualified man power.

These facilities are not available in this region whose population is above 1.5 crores. The nearest available facility is at distance of about 300kms.

The cost of these facilities is beyond the reach of the poor people & hence, these facilities will be made available to needy people at an affordable cost

For providing Telemedicine services Late Dr. Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation has signed MOU with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

ISRO will provide satellite connectivity for base and mobile Telemedicine facility.


Improve access to health which includes general health, Preventive & curative aspects including Cancer, Aids and other communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Reduce costs of health care delivery.

Networking with other Hospitals & NGO’s.

Research Collaborations.

Training to staff, students.


Tele Consultations





Tele-obstetrics (including antenatal care).

General Tele consultation in all the clinical subjects.

Distance Education and Training:

In addition to clinical advantage to the patients, the linkage would be very effectively used as a training tool for the courses conducted at the Centre. Teaching under graduate, post graduate programs, private medical practitioner, govt medical and paramedical staff continuing education and development are the obvious supplementary benefits.

Research and Multi-centric Studies:

The telemedicine linkage will aid to research and multi-centric studies and facilitate communication and protocol efforts in all research activities.


A. Improved access: Telemedicine can provide and improve access to health care in previously unserved or underserved areas.

B. Reduced Cost: The travel cost of the patients for specialty care to the premier centers, the personnel / equipment cost for not having to keep specialty care facility in rural hospitals, and other costs can be either eliminated or reduced.

C: Telemedicine will provide a peer and specialist contact for patient consultations and continuing education.

D. Improved quality of care: It will allow the consultation to take place among the referring physician, the consulting physician, the patient, and the patient’s family through interactive video with critical information of the patient available on-line. Also, the physicians or other personnel at remote locations can be educated during the consultations with specialty physicians and other experts, increasing their ability to treat other similar cases in the future. ·

Training Tool ·

Continuing education and development ·

Coordinate clinical research ·

Links to other networks and organizations


Services provided under telemedicine facility included Tele-Ophthalmology ,Tele-cardiology ,Tele-pathology, Cancer Telemedicine etc.

Telemedicine consultation will be provided free of cost.

Services of Super-specialty Doctors Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai. Bangalore will be available.

Continuation of Medical Education (CME) for the undergraduates & Postgraduates Medical Students, Private practitioners in differ specialties will be under taken.


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Registered on 3/9/1992
Under Bombay Charity Act 1950. Registration No. E – 134 LATUR, Maharashtra.
Late Dr Venkatrao Dawle medical
Approved & registered to receive CSR funds by Government of India.

At Venkatrao Dawle Medical Foundation, we believe that access to quality healthcare is a basic human right and strive to provide compassionate and affordable healthcare services to those in need.

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